Cleaning Policy & Checklist

Please note that cleaning policies have changed due to COVID-19. Extra steps have been included in the cleaning checklist.

The checklist will be available at the Fun Zone. You can use the button below to download a copy.

Download Checklist

**Cleaning can be done by renters.  A cleaning list and supplies will be provided.  All trash will need to be bagged and removed from property by the renter.  If building is not cleaned properly – a $50 cleaning fee will be assessed.

Renters can choose to pay a $75 cleaning fee in leu of cleaning themselves.  (If building is left in an excessively dirty state – an additional cleaning fee will be imposed over the $75 rate.  This will be based based on how long it takes to return the building to it’s original state).

NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.  All Cleaning fees to remove smoke will be at the renter’s expense.